Even before becoming Leader of the USA, Donald Trump was a vocal opponent of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (or Iran nuclear deal). Despite his animosity, the arrangement made it through his term as president, though not without a hitch. Joe Biden, the incoming President of the United States, is pretty hopeful that it could be saved. However, measures shall be taken right away to save the trade first before the existing small window of chance shuts completely.

The 2015 agreement between Iran and the member states of the United Nations Security Council, and as well as the European Union and Germany was designed to limit Iran’s opportunity to generate nuclear bombs, guarantee quality global confirmation that Iran was adhering to certain constraints, and provide diplomatic recognition to Iran. Despite the fact that Iran has always claimed that its nuke program is solely for humanitarian purposes and that there is no proof to the contrary, Iran has not been completely upfront about the project’s purpose.

Let’s all believe that the European Union’s upcoming talks would provide a remedy to this impasse. A fix appears possible, if not certain, with proper purpose among the potential options.

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