Send a letter to your Member of Parliament or a newspaper.

Submit editorials and opinion pieces to your local newspaper advocating for a more comprehensive and in-depth discussion of issues and problems.

1. Keep yourself updated.

Inform yourself and others about the origins of a political dispute as well as the economic, social, and political factors that contribute to peace and stability

2. Tell your friends about it.

Telling someone else about Project Ploughshares and inviting them into becoming supporters is among the simplest and most beneficial ways that can help. To interact via Twitter, Facebook, or emails, use the share icons.

3. Research and discuss themes of peace with others.

Organize local public lectures or educational sessions. If you’re a member of a religious community, start a conversation about contemporary peace and conflict concerns and form partnerships with other faith communities in your area.

4. Assist those who have been harmed by armed wars.

Donate to organizations that help war refugees and migrants fleeing conflict zones with humanitarian aid.