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Download the resources for this event and distribute widely!

Bring the Troops Home From Afghanistan Campaign

The Canadian Peace Alliance has put together a set of powerful resources to use to help persuade people that we need to bring the troops home from Afghanistan now. So read them over, print them off, and distribute them wherever you can.

Download the FACTSHEET Top 10 Reasons to Bring the Troops Home from Afghanistan Now

Download the POSTCARD Tell Stephen Harper the Majority of Canadians Want to Bring the Troops Home Now

Download the PETITION Petition to Remove Canadian Soldiers from Afghanistan

Download stickers (1.6 mb)







The Senlis Council
Canada in Kandahar: No peace to keep
A case study of the military coalitions in Southern Afghanistan
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Canadian Peace Alliance
Bring the troops home now: why a military mission will not bring peace to Afghanistan
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Canadian Peace Alliance
Canada, Kandahar and the Caspian: facts about the Canadian mission in Afghanistan
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Toronto Coalition to Stop the War